Dental Braces

Braces are a method orthodontists use to straighten and move teeth in order to improve how they work or look. In addition, braces allows to ensure oral health in the long term.

Brace is a dental appliance that is strategically placed on your teeth. They aid to move your teeth ,slowly but steadily into their most ideal position. The bones in jaw will change as the pressure goes into effect, which will let the teeth and their roots move.

Benefits of Braces
  • Perfectly position the teeth to recreate the perfect smile
  • The space between crooked teeth are difficult to clean. This increases the chance of decay and also causes gum problems in long term. Braces help correct Crooked teeth allowing proper alignment. This allows for easy brushing and maintenance of oral hygine, thus boosting the logetivity of your teeth by minimizing cavities and gum issues.
  • Bad bites are addressed and corrected.
  • Gaps in between teeth are closed.
  • Reduce mandibular joint problems.
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