Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom or the third molar erupts around 17-35 years of age. They are vestigial organs similar to the appendix. They aren’t really required for normal functioning and mastication. In individuals where the wisdom tooth has erupted in an anatomically correct position, the do not cause any problems. However, if there is a lack of space for the third molar to erupt they do not completely erupt and remain malposed.

Reasons for wisdom tooth removal

  • Pain.
  • Repeated infection of soft tissue behind the lower last tooth. (pericoronitis)
  • Fluid-filled sacs (cysts), Tumours of the jaw.
  • Damage to nearby teeth.
  • Gum disease.
  • Extensive tooth decay.
  • What is pericoronitis ?

    Pericoronitis in simple words is swelling of the gums surrounding or overlying an erupting or partially erupted tooth. Pericoronitis is most commonly associated with the eruption of the third molars, even though it can be seen with any erupting tooth.

    It is usually associated with Pain

    Difficulty in swallowing

    Difficulty in chewing.

    Difficulty in opening the mouth

    Which specialist removes a Wisdom Tooth ?

    Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgeon

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