Facial Fracture

A facial fracture means having 1 or more broken bones in face. These may be in jaw, nose, cheeks, or the sockets around eyes. Accidents especially car accident are the most common cause of facial fractures. Fights, falls, and sports injuries can also injure facial bones.

How are facial fractures diagnosed?

The physical examination and types of tests doctor orders will depend on the type of injury you have.

Doctor will examine face for any signs of swelling and pain. They’ll also check for any changes in mobility (whether you’re able to move parts of your face). You’ll probably have X-rays taken. Most fractures will show up clearly on these tests.

What are the treatments for facial fracture?

Reduction: The broken bones are put back into place.

Fixation: The broken bones are stabilized together using titanium plates and screws, to ensure healing an ideal manner.

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