Laser Mole removal

Lasers are a quick and effective modality of treatment used to remove unwanted benign skin formations. Multiple moles can be treated during one session. Results are acceptable even for those who wish to remove moles on visible parts of the body such as on the face or in the neck area.

What happens during laser mole removal?

  • local anaesthesia is administered before the removal of a mole.
  • The laser ray is directed to the cells that form the mole.
  • Then cells absorb the ray, and thus the mole fumes away from the skin surface, while the adjacent skin remains intact.
  • After the procedure is completed, the doctor will explain how the skin should be taken care of at home.
  • Benefits of laser mole removal
  • Avoid surgery as well as surgical scars.
  • It removes moles from the face, usually without scarring.
  • It has the ability to remove several lesions at the same time
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